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Screen enclosures are extremely popular here in Palm Bay Florida, having it in your swimming pool promotes excellent ambiance all around your home.






Palm Bay Florida brings some wonderful weather for spending time outdoors and what better way to love it than at the house with the preferences to guard yourself against the bothersome bugs or warm sunshine which could be keeping you inside and preventing you from enjoying the beautiful landscape.

Pool screen enclosure allows you to sense the summer breeze, the warmth of the sun, or spend time together with loved ones and closest friends in the shade while enjoying the natural landscape in your property. Just bear in mind in My Screen Enclosure Specialist Services, consider that if you’d like to enjoy more of what your property offers from Palm Bay Florida, you would like to own one of them.

5 Reasons To Consider Installation of Screen Enclosure

Florida Screen enclosures are extremely popular. Both as a secure patio area and also to separate the pool in the remainder of the backyard. If you are considering getting one, but have not reached a decision yet, here are a couple of reasons why they’re loved by a lot of people throughout the state.

Through a screen enclosure is not really a room psychically, we often see them as an added field of the house, especially home-buyers. Because of this, they are regarded as extremely desirable and may add up to 10 percent to the value of your property.

Unfortunately, there are lots of criminals out there, targeting properties directly here in Palm Bay. The backyard is frequent to break into; after all, there are fewer people around and it is possible to hide among the plants and prevent detection. A screen enclosure provides still another barrier which these thieves need to get through to be able to get to your house, which functions as a powerful deterrent

Of course, Florida’s a fairly safe place to be, but we do have our fair share of snakes! Possessing an enclosure makes sure that these slithering creatures remain out, not in.

An enclosure prevents leaves and other detritus from falling into the swimming pool, so you will not need to clean out the waters daily. This may also reduce the odds of algae forming.

As most of us know, bugs could be bothersome, especially in the summertime. Biting and stinging pests can ruin a relaxing day in the backyard, and an enclosure ensures they remain outdoors!



Florida is among the Hurricane-prone regions in the United States. Palm Bay Florida along with other neighboring cities such as Titusville, Palm Bay, and a lot of other people aren’t always protected from the dangers of a hurricane. We would like to make certain the patio and pool enclosures that we put in will withstand strong winds. We care about your security and also we do not want you spending a great deal of cash re-doing your display cage. If your swimming pool enclosure breaks, you might get our help to fix them. We will change out your screens using more powerful and stronger ones.


The most practical way to keep the cleanliness of your swimming pool area is by installing a screen fence. This will encourage security for kids who like to play in that place. Having netting in the pool and the terrace will prevent insects and other pests from coming in. Unwanted guests such as dirt, insects, and other animals such as snakes, frogs, even alligators will be held out of you if you place a pool cage screen around your pool.

Moreover, putting an enclosure on your swimming pool, lanai or patio will earn more living space. You might have an outdoor kitchen, bar, dining room, or comfort area beside your pool or on your patio. Imagine how cool your home will look for your friends! And for sure your screen-enclosed pool is going to be their new favorite hangout area! Obtaining a screen hedge in your swimming pool and lanai promotes excellent ambiance all around your home and your visitors will adore how your house will look the time you put a screen covering across different areas in your property!

Back in Palm Bay Florida, we’re an ideal company to look after your screen fence into the swimming pool, patio/lanai, and balcony. Whether you want to install a whole screen covering or you would like to replace several of your aluminum screens, we can do this job for you! We’ll help you pick the best screen to use on your premises. We will indicate the most lightweight and durable screen to create for you.


A customized screen enclosure produces a stunning addition to any home. Particularly in Florida, a screened terrace or porch screen enclosure enables you to enjoy the outdoors while being protected from things like bugs, UV rays, or even the prying eyes of neighbors. There are many choices to suit each homeowner’s special needs and My Screen Enclosure Pros Palm Bay have the knowledge that will aid you in deciding the process and the skill to ensure that installation goes smoothly and will go through for several years to come.

Our screened fencing and swimming pool cage setup crews are bonded, insured, and fully licensed. We believe in providing quality materials and superior installation at affordable prices and are dedicated to our customer’s satisfaction.

We supply the following:

  • Pool Enclosure/ 
  • Patio / Lanai Install
  • Screen repair
  • Enclosure removal
  • Customized screen

Our friendly representatives give free quotes and are pleased to answer your questions throughout the entire process.




Carry your pool experience to an entirely new level with a pool enclosure. These screen fences keep bugs out, leaves and fleas so that your pool area stays looking at its very best. The surrounding pool helps for many purposes. Furthermore, it reduces the number of chemicals a swimming pool requires. Thus a reduction in pollutants gaining into the water. In the event you’ve got children, you’ll be delighted to understand our swimming pool covers meet Child Safety Laws, which usually means you might have peace of mind knowing your children are secure.

The pool cage in Palm Bay, we provide is designed to satisfy your lifestyle and taste. The designs and materials that we use can be selected by our clients. We provide professional advice in deciding on the frames and screen to use for pool screen hedge. From setup to repair, we’re ready to help you.


Patio enclosures allow the homeowner to add value and comfort to the exterior region of their house. Enable them to enjoy their landscape whilst offering the perfect place for entertaining or relaxing. Whether you’d like only a thin color or a tiny sunlight a terrace enclosure might include a little comfort to your outdoor areas.

A Lanai enclosure is a structure built to safeguard the veranda or terrace from the weather and also hot day sunlight that makes the terrace or gallery a nice place to spend time outdoors.

A window wall or system generates interior space from your patio or lanai but besides, it makes you feel on the outside with floor-ceiling window panels carefully. Considering that patios and lanais are put outside, you’d want to add security within them. In case you’ve got them included, you’re likely to find more privacy and security.

Lanai Enclosure enables the homeowner to deliver an improvement to their home which permits them to enjoy incredible views while being in a climate-controlled environment. The Lanai enables the homeowner to let in fresh air or keep out extreme temperatures while enjoying the calmness of a zone. Whether you’d like to entertain or spend time relaxing an enclosure is going to keep you comfortable.


Considering screening on your porch? To love the outdoors any time of the day, using a screened-in porch will make it possible for you! There are several benefits you may get from having a screened veranda by way of instance security and privacy. You’re able to keep cleanliness and protect your furniture when you’ve got an enclosed gallery.

Screen porches permit the homeowner to deliver an improvement to their home which enables them to enjoy incredible views while being in a bug-free environment. The screened terrace allows the homeowner to enjoy the air whilst enjoying the calmness of a zone that is predetermined. Whether you’d like to entertain or spend time relaxing a screen deck will keep you relaxed

A screened veranda is a structure most commonly constructed on each side of a home designed to allow for the joy of their surrounding landscape whilst sheltering the occupants from weather conditions using a screen that prevents bugs from entering the space.


Screen Enclosure Services Palm Bay we provide for your entire patio screen repair and screen enclosure materials for your home and business! From terrace screen covering to entire swimming pool screen, verandas, outdoor rooms, dining areas. Our expert screen technicians will be able to allow you to pick the perfect screen for your requirements. From design and installation to maintenance and repair, we from Palm Bay Screen Enclosure Specialist will be the home for all of your screen fences and screen fixes.


Now and then we get calls from clients who’ve been faced with a scenario where they need to break up or fully get rid of a pre-existing swimming pool screen enclosure. Maybe you bought an older house and the present structure has started to decapitate, also it’s not combining nicely for your other property’s design and function, or you may be even thinking of moving and devoting the lanai to some other site. Whatever the reason might be, in My Screen Enclosure Specialist we know the challenges that this can incur, and also have exceptional services in areas to make the process as easy and cost-effective for you as you can. In case you decide really to move with its elimination, it’s very important to operate in a secure means and also won’t damage other areas of the home.
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Nicely Maintained Swimming Pool, Patio, Lanai, and Gallery Region

When you’ve got a massive home with swimming pools or possibly a terrace, keeping them tidy will need more of your own time. Most of us know you do not necessarily have enough opportunity to wash them and you also don’t wish to always get replies to keep them tidy. One thing great about getting us to restore your net enclosures is we are certain your screened pool is readily maintained. You could authorize chosen individuals to become in these locations or perhaps you select a time when individuals are permitted to come. If you’ve got a screened-in swimming pool, subsequently dropped dust and leaves won’t readily get in the area so there’ll be less mess to clean up.

Give us a call and one of our friendly customer representatives will be delighted to help. Any kind of job whether large or small, just give us a call today.